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What's Your
Team Vision?

What’s the purpose, the plan,
(the story!) you want to make real
for your business & your people?

Are you a business with a story to tell? Maybe you just need some help finding it,
focusing it & sharing it with your people & customers.
It’s in there. Let us show you.
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Braid Creative & Consulting uncovers your story.
Every team needs a vision, and everyone loves rooting for a great story. If you can get genuine with your story and clear with your vision, it can re-energize your organization with a renewed focus. We collaborate with your team to get to the heart of your purpose, plus where you want to go next, so you can share it with your people, customers, followers and fans.

Find out how Braid can create a vision guide for your team moving forward & facilitate your next team planning & visioning session.>

Yep. We’re for Organizations & Teams, Too!
If you’re thinking “I thought Braid was for creative entrepreneurs,” then you’re right! We’re known for helping self-starters and solopreneurs “doing it on their own” shape their content, share their personality, sell their offering and position themselves as experts! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, check out our ecourse or how to work with us 1:1 here.

But! If you’re a marketing director or decision-maker on a team, learn more about our expertise working with organizations like yours.>


Braid is known for sharing content with creative entrepreneurs. But we know so many of you out there are working within a team and trying to express your organization’s purpose and value every day. You’re invested in your company, its culture and the work you do. You want to have fun, make meaning and make stuff happen for your organization!

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Let’s vision it out! Braid can create
your next team planning session
(like a mini-retreat!) or ask about
our talks & workshops.

You’re a purposeful business! Have you started planning for what’s next?
Braid onsite planning sessions get your team future-thinking with a fresh perspective.
Our special ingredient at the end is a custom Vision Guide that captures your story &
visualizes your goals so everyone can stay inspired, focused & on the same path.

- half-day or full-day planning & visioning sessions
- perfect for annual planning meetings with your team
- (like a mini-retreat!) we bring onsite to your organization
- refresh what you’re best at & reframe your next chapter
- with fun & collaborative workshopping methods
- always with insights into your personality & expertise
- as individuals & as an organization with purpose!


Creative, Media & Marketing Trends in Storytelling
Dream Customer Defining & Attracting
Blending & Branding Your Purpose & Expertise

Once we’ve uncovered your vision & story, we can help you make it real.
Find out how Braid can brand, market & promote your purposeful business. Contact us here.>

WHAT YOU GET is a VISION & STORY for what’s next:
- we create a custom Vision Guide for your team that includes...
- insights, quotes & ideas captured from that day
- challenges, goals, priorities acknowledged
- your dream customer personified & made visual
- images & messages that create a vision everyone can see & feel
- a shared story that gets your whole team on the same page
- recommendations for your next steps along this path!

Brand Development
Marketing Strategy & Research
Creative Promotions & Campaigns

Tara Street brand consultant and co-founder of Braid, has twenty years of branding and ad agency experience, from creating campaigns for regional and national brands, to founding a branding business that specializes in positioning a new generation of creative entrepreneurs, always with the aim of blending the emotion + expertise behind every brand story!

“I love pulling out the personal motivation and the know-how people bring to their work. If you can blend this personality + expertise in the story of a business, you’ll spark understanding, inspiration and action in people.”

Kathleen Shannon creative coach and co-founder of Braid, is guiding a generation of creative entrepreneurs to brand themselves while building a business that fits their life. Kathleen is a sought after podcaster and speaker, who teaches listeners and ecourse students alike, to go after their vision with more personal + professional confidence!

“You can create a wildly productive business by working hard – but also by being yourself. Whether you’re a quiet introvert or quirky rebel, I want you to know yourself and be 100% who you are in work and life."

Holly Arter senior client strategist with Braid, has twenty years experience in marketing and media consulting, helping businesses use their resources to reach a new generation, while acknowledging the best assets within their culture. Holly helps these teams hone their focus, know their dream customer and plot a vision-driven, budget-wise path to reach them!

“When we’re working hard for others, we can forget to look up. I want you to look inward to your team, look outward at trends, get strategic, (have fun!) and step back from the day-to-day minutia to define your true north.”

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