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Kathleen here. My purpose as a creative entrepreneur is to live what I love, say what I mean, and be who I am 100% in both work and life. When I asked my older sister Tara (and Braid business partner) what her purpose was she said "You know, I just want to feel like a creative expert and get paid well doing it.” Our combined passion, purpose, and honestly pragmatic desires manifested as The Braid Method.

Sticking with the method (and the roadmap it has created for us) has kept us focused,
kept us turning our ideas into action, and kept us attracting dream clients to our brand
as creative experts who blend who we are into what we do.

The Braid Method is how we do branding and business visioning for each and every one of our one-on-one clients. We’ve decided to take our tried and true process and put it into one self-guided ECourse + Workbook just for you. It didn’t happen overnight, either – we’ve spent many years writing, developing, designing, and refining this content just for you.

Regardless of your life/business stage, our visioning and branding method is narrowly (but deeply) focused on creative people who work for themselves:

- graphic designers
- web designers
- interior designers
- photographers
- stylists
- lifestyle coaches
- wellness coaches
- yogis and foodies
- writers and bloggers
- creative consultants

This page should answer all your questions about the Braid ECourse:
• Is The Braid Method Branding ECourse For Me? (is it a good fit?)
• What Am I Going to Learn from The Braid ECourse? (a lesson outline)
How Does The Braid ECourse Work? (and what you can expect)
• What Does It Cost? (what you get)
• What Have Other Students Said? (spoiler: they love it!)
• FAQ (just in case you still have questions)

But most of all, you want to share and show up as who you are.
If you’re one of these creatives, you don’t entirely draw the line between work and life, and you like it that way. You have a point of view you want to get out there, and you want to attract the kind of clients you feel good about helping, clients who trust and respect the work you’re putting out into the world.


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You’re not a big company here. This isn’t advertising.
This is packaging up what you stand for, in your own style, with your own words.
When you’re a creative entrepreneur, branding your business means branding you.

You want your brand to:
- be more articulate
- reflect your true style and voice
- attract your dream clients
- move you and your business forward
- align your passion and talent with your career
- help you make what you’re doing worth it

But you struggle with:
- too many ideas and knowing which are the right ones
- balancing big-picture purpose with doing the work every day
- finding your voice
- thriving in the work/life overlap
- telling people how to really hire you and getting dreamy clients
- going from order taker to creative expert
- sticking with your own creative process (or starting to define one)
- turning your expertise into a next-level launch or product

You may be nodding to every bullet on that list, or just a few, but either way, you’re no stranger to struggle. But you’re also not afraid to dive into this ecourse, and you’re probably on fire (even if you’re scared at the same time) about this idea of working for yourself – or taking the work you’re already doing for yourself to the next level.

What that next level might look like for you:
• supporting yourself financially with your business
• creating a blog or consistent online presence
• finally turning the work you’re already doing (but maybe getting burned out on) into a digital product, package, or other kind of scaled-up (or scaled-down) offering of your own

The Braid Method Branding ECourse comes with two PDFs:
1. A 300+ page digital PDF with 7 learning modules
2. A workbook of over 20 branding exercises & scripts you can print and fill out

The seven lesson modules are:
1. Get Specific | Define Your Fears and Dreams
2. Your Personal Brand | Get You into What You Do
3. Your Creative Expertise | Narrow In on Your Specialty
4. Your Dream Customers | Make Them Real
5. Get Blended | Shape Your Brand Messages
6. Get It Out There | Share Your Gifts of Knowledge and Tell People How to Hire You
7. Keep the Dream Job Dreamy | How We Get Down to Business Behind the Scenes

After you take this course, you’ll be better equipped to:
- carve out a creative expertise for yourself
- speak more clearly about that expertise and explain how to hire you
- gauge whether a client is a fit, and when to say “no”
- experiment with an offering
- show more of your personality in your business (instead of pretending to be some version of what you think others see as “professional”)
- share what you know (tips, advice, inspiration, etc.) in conversations and online

- be less likely to just start over from scratch every time a new idea pops into your head
- be more likely to treat that new idea as another tool in your belt (or a packaged offering) rather than completely redefining your business vision
- stick with your business vision and just keep fine-tuning it, instead of backpedaling, giving up, or starting over

Yes, your brand is your business name, logo, colors, design, photos, website, and maybe a blog.
But a brand also sets the tone and intention for what you choose to write, share, show,
and say about your business. It can be the hardest part of branding yourself.
So this is what The Braid ECourse helps you do.


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In the course, you’ll start to see:
- the fears and dreams that come with taking this next step for yourself
- the layers of your personal and professional style
- the experiences and knowledge that make you a creative expert
- the characteristics of your dream client
- the ways all those threads can be woven together
- the ways you can share your gifts of knowledge
- your business and your brand are personal

And you’ll have a greater understanding of the difference between:
- evolving and experimenting within your business vision vs. going after every creative idea that’s pinging around in your head
- acting like a creative expert vs. being an order taker
- getting deep and narrow with your expertise vs. trying to be everything to everyone
- acknowledging your skills as the tools they are vs. your entire creative expertise

Then we’ll show you how to turn those ingredients into a blended-together vision that includes:
•  a positioning statement that says what you do in a nutshell
•  a brand story that layers in your personality and purpose
•  how-to-hire-me and what-to-expect messaging
•  the beginnings of a more step-by-step creative process that you can share with your clients
•  so you can start using these brand messages on all your "brand places"
•  so your website, brand materials, social media, and conversations finally feel like you

The Braid Method Branding ECourse for Creative Entrepreneurs:

•  7 self-guided branding & business visioning lesson modules in a 300+ page book
•  A branding workbook with over 20 branding exercises & scripts
•  7 audio lessons so you can learn on the go or while you're cooking dinner!
•  Access to an exclusive Facebook group just for Braid Method ECourse students
where you can ask questions, share feedback and insights, and brainstorm and connect with likeminded creatives.
• A quarterly webinar with Tara & Kathleen for extra branding guidance


Thousands of creative entrepreneurs and aspiring-to-be’s have taken our Braid ECourse. Here’s what just a few of them have said about the experience:

“You guys are blowing my mind. Each lesson is packed with such motivating information. Its like you were in my head when you came up with this ecourse, and are hitting on all the stuff I needed to hear. The Braid ECourse has been like a retreat, and I feel like I am going to come out totally refreshed. Thank you!” - R.G.

“Hi Kathleen and Tara, just wanted to say thank you for this course! I loved doing all the worksheets. I feel like I have a lot to think about still as this course ends, but I also feel armed with tools to take action right away and move forward with my business from a much more empowered and defined place.” - J.

“THANK YOU! During the last few days, I have learned so much about myself and have gained the confidence I need to continue to create my personal brand and develop my blog content. This is a great course, and I really appreciate all the encouragement and insight you’ve given. I’ve learned from all of it.” - S.A.

“What I loved about this Braid ECourse was that taking it was like going to brand therapy! I loved how you both made me see AND understand the influence, importance and power I have as a person over every aspect of my creative business.” - A.O.

“Just wanted to say thank you guys, you have definitely found another fan in me. The worksheets as well as your openness, honesty and inspiration is exactly what I needed to refocus my energy and help me see I am an expert and have the knowledge to do what I want to do, and just as importantly how I want to do.” - N.D.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED this Braid ECourse! I've had a successful creative entrepreneurial run for seven years, but have spent the last two working for nightmare customers, disliking the work, and scratching my head. Well, scratch be gone! I've not only identified where I've gone off-track with my business, but am whiteboarding all of these great exercises and coming up with solutions. I have a lot of work to do to retool my business, but I'm excited to tackle it - like super giant goosebump excited. I'm so glad I found you awesome're both inspiring experts and I love how infuse your business with your personalities and unique styles (and are helping other creatives do the same!). I look forward to taking your other courses and spreading the word. Thank you for facilitating a zillion breakthroughs over the past 10 days!” - N.C.

“I learned from the Braid ECourse on dream customer catching that it's ok to say no to clients I don't want to take on. I put this into practice the other day with a bride looking for a designer/planner. I don't want to plan weddings, just make them cool and pretty. At first I was terrified of giving up the money, but it let me keep that weekend open to be hired to decorate a wedding instead of plan one.” - M.E.

“Wow, many thanks Kathleen and Tara. I need to do some serious thinking, soul searching, but I already feel that this ecourse has deeply impacted the way I think about my career and the future of my business. Feeling super confident and encouraged, and ready to be a successful dream customer magnet!” - S.S.


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on how to blend who you are with what you do, declare what you want to be known for,
and share meaningful content that will help you attract your tribe.

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Questions or Technical Issues?
Email if you have any questions.

I’ve taken a Braid ECourse in the past – how is this one different?
First, we’ve combined all of our best content from all three of our previous Braid ECourses and added four more modules to the course. Yes, you will see some of the same content before but we’ve added so much more. Plus, now you can download the course straight to your desktop so there is no time limit on when you can complete it – it is always available to you. And finally, we’re now offering a Facebook group to our students where you can connect with us and each other to really cultivate your creative pack (that alone is worth the price.)

“I still work a day job / I’m not technically ‘creative’ / I think I may not be a fit?”
Is the Braid ECourse for me?

Most likely. Read this or try our free sample to see if it’s a fit by signing up here.

I’m having technical problems!
- my payment isn’t going through
- I’ve paid and I’m not able to download the ecourse
- I am confused!
Email and she’ll take care of you!

My discount code isn’t working!
Since combining all of our Braid ECourses into one mother of an ecourse we no longer offer a discount but instead have priced our ecourse at what we think is fair. P.S. Pricing your product and/or services is hard, right!? We talk about this very topic in our Braid Method Facebook group that you get access to when you buy our ecourse.

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