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  • DREAM CUSTOMER CATCHING: Embrace Your Expertise & Attract What You Track
    ECourse Dates: March 20 - 29, 2015
    Registration Open: February 20 - March 19, 2015
    Price: $75.00

    Hello! Tara, here of Braid. Our Braid ECourse, Dream Customer Catching helps creative entrepreneurs and small indie businesses figure out how to work with / sell to the people they like, the people that pay, and the people they can actually have the most impact for. But we're also going to be sharing insights into the deeper outcome of this "finding your people" approach. It's the "Embrace Your Expertise" part of dream customer catching. Because every time you work with your specific dream customer, you're actually building upon your own expertise – rather than reinventing the wheel every time with your creative services or product.

    This Braid ECourse is also going to give you a candid peek into some methods that Kathleen and I use to "Attract What We Track." From financial to personal to professional – we're going to share how we set quarterly goals, how we "magnetize" those goals to get what we need – and how we keep what we want in the forefront of our thoughts, words and daily actions.

    If you've already taken our first two Braid ECourses, Shape Up Your Content and Personal Branding, then this third course offering, Dream Customer Catching, really rounds out our whole-picture brand and business vision guidance for creative entrepreneurs.

    But if Dream Customer Catching is your first Braid ECourse that's cool, too! As usual we give a lot of "why" behind our approaches and techniques for creative professionals right up front, and then get out the chalkboard, the videos, the worksheets and start showing you the "how," with exercises and examples that you can apply to your own creative business.

    We'll be offering our first Braid ECourse again, Shape Up Your Content in Winter 2013. If there are other topics you'd like us to consider let us know on Facebook!

    DREAM CUSTOMER CATCHING: Embrace Your Expertise & Attract What You Track
    ECourse Dates: March 20 - 29, 2015
    Registration Open: February 20 - March 19, 2015
    Price: $75.00

    “What I loved about this Braid ECourse was that taking it was like going to brand therapy! I loved how you girls made me see AND understand the influence, importance and power I have as a person over every aspect of my creative business.”
    - A.O.

    “I learned from the Braid ECourse on dream customer catching that it's ok to say no to clients I don't want to take on. I put this into practice the other day with a bride looking for a designer/planner. I don't want to plan weddings, just make them cool and pretty. At first I was terrified of giving up the money, but it let me keep that weekend open to be hired to decorate a wedding instead of plan one.”
    - M.E.

    “Wow, many thanks Kathleen and Tara. I need to do some serious thinking, soul searching, but I already feel that this ECourse has deeply impacted the way I think about my career and the future of my business. Feeling super confident and encouraged, and ready to be a successful dream customer magnet!”
    - S.S.

    “Just wanted to say thank you guys, you have definitely found another fan in me. The worksheets as well as your openness, honesty and inspiration is exactly what I needed to refocus my energy and help me see I am an expert and have the knowledge to do what I want to do, and just as importantly how I want to do.”
    - N.D.

    “Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED this Braid ECourse! I've had a successful creative entrepreneurial run for seven years, but have spent the last two working for nightmare customers, disliking the work, and scratching my head. Well, scratch be gone! I've not only identified where I've gone off-track with my business, but am whiteboarding all of these great exercises and coming up with solutions. I have a lot of work to do to retool my business, but I'm excited to tackle it - like super-giant-goose-bump excited. I'm so glad I found you awesome're both inspiring experts and I love how infuse your business with your personalities and unique styles (and are helping other creatives do the same!). I look forward to taking your other courses and spreading the word. Thank you for facilitating a zillion breakthroughs over the past 10 days!”
    - N.C.


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As we work with creative entrepreneurs from all over, we see the same patterns. These common frustrations, self-doubts and indecision about their brand and their creative business, come up again and again. So we’re offering Braid ECourses that narrow in on these very specific pain points and topics with a methodical approach to helping creatives get unfrozen, get focused and feel better about making some decisions to help them move forward.

Our Braid ECourses are for established creative business owners, but also aspiring creative entrepreneurs and independent small businesses just starting out.

Q: Is the Braid ECourse a good fit for me?
A: We’ve found the Braid ECourse is a great fit for creative entrepreneurs with varying levels of experience – from the aspiring creative who needs clarity around “what’s next” to the creative expert who wants a boost in positioning or purpose.

Q: I signed up for the Braid ECourse but am not receiving any confirmation emails or details for enrollment. Help!
A: Check your “Spam” or “Promotions” folder! Especially if you’re a Gmail user. Also, be sure the email address you registered with is the one you’re checking for emails from us.

Q: I can’t access the Braid ECourse in-session. Help!
A: First, be sure you’ve enrolled in the ECourse. This link is sent out in the first ECourse email the morning that the ECourse opens. Second, be sure you’re using the same email to enroll that you used to register. If you’ve taken a Braid ECourse with us before, use the same name and password you’ve already created. If you forgot your password go here to retreive it. Finally, if none of that works use the contact form or email direct for assistance.

Q: Do I need to be available at a certain time each day to take the Braid ECourse? How much time will it take to complete?
A: We give you 10 days to complete the Braid ECourse. All the content, videos, and worksheets are available to you at once to complete at your own pace. Some creatives take a whole day to work through the whole ECourse, while others spread it out over the week. We recommend setting aside at least 4 hours total to go through the content.

Q: Can I be a Braid ECourse affiliate?
A: We offer a 50% affiliate commission on referred ECourse sales, plus additional discounts and promotional tools to Braid ECourse alumn only. If you’ve taken a Braid ECourse and want to be an affiliate contact our ESales manager and she’ll get you set up.

To access the online ECourses, you must attest that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions contained in this ECourse Terms and Conditions Agreement. The term "course" includes the ECourse Web pages, courses and all associated materials. Read this ECourse Terms and Conditions Agreement carefully. read more >

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