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  • PERSONAL BRANDING: Blending Who You Are With What You Do
    ECourse Dates: May 22 - 31, 2015
    Registration Open: April 17 - May 21, 2015
    Price: $75.00

    We’ve developed this online course for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers (especially those of you who are both) who don’t entirely draw the line between work and life – and like it that way. We’ll help you identify and shape your personal brand, blend it with the professional and provide you with tips and tools for sharing it both online and off. You’ll be surprised at how much bringing your personality into your business (and vice versa) can attract your dream customer and make your dream job actually feel that way.

    This Braid ECourse will be divided into three in-depth lessons, and will include videos, exercises, downloadable PDFs and a forum for discussion. You will be able to access all the content while the ECourse is in-session. Those lessons include:
    1. Identifying and Defining Your Personal Brand
    2. Blending the Personal with the Professional
    3. Sharing Your Brand Online and Off

    Future Braid ECourses will cover topics such as Dream Customer Catching, Owning Your Inner Expert and Shaping Up Your Content: Taming Your Ideas and Telling People How to Buy You.

    If you have other topics you’d like Kathleen and Tara to tackle as a future Braid ECourse, let us know on Facebook.

    PERSONAL BRANDING: Blending Who You Are With What You Do
    ECourse Dates: May 22 - 31, 2015
    Registration Open: April 17 - May 21, 2015
    Price: $75.00

    “You guys are blowing my mind. Each lesson is packed with such motivating information. Its like you were in my head when you came up with this ECourse, and are hitting on all the stuff I needed to hear. The Braid ECourse has been like a retreat, and I feel like I am going to come out totally refreshed. Thank you!”
    - R.G.

    “Hi Kathleen and Tara, just wanted to say thank you for this course! I loved doing all the worksheets and take in your great writing & watch the fun videos. I feel like I have a lot to think about still as this course ends, but I also feel armed with tools to take action right away and move forward with my business from a much more empowered and defined place. I also really liked the format, I was a bit nervous about getting it all done in a relatively short amount of time (especially since I have an 8-month-old with unpredictable sleep patterns, ha) but it was all laid out so well - it made it really doable and easy to follow along even when I had to do it in small chunks. I am so glad you both have the courage to show up and be seen & share your knowledge with the world! Thanks again!”
    - J.

    “THANK YOU! During the last few days, I have learned so much about myself and have gained the confidence I need to continue to create my personal brand and develop my blog content. This is a great course, and I really appreciate all the encouragement and insight you’ve given everyone here. I’ve learned from all of it.”
    - S.A.


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As we work with creative entrepreneurs from all over, we see the same patterns. These common frustrations, self-doubts and indecision about their brand and their creative business, come up again and again. So we’re offering Braid ECourses that narrow in on these very specific pain points and topics with a methodical approach to helping creatives get unfrozen, get focused and feel better about making some decisions to help them move forward.

Our Braid ECourses are for established creative business owners, but also aspiring creative entrepreneurs and independent small businesses just starting out.

Q: Is the Braid ECourse a good fit for me?
A: We’ve found the Braid ECourse is a great fit for creative entrepreneurs with varying levels of experience – from the aspiring creative who needs clarity around “what’s next” to the creative expert who wants a boost in positioning or purpose.

Q: I signed up for the Braid ECourse but am not receiving any confirmation emails or details for enrollment. Help!
A: Check your “Spam” or “Promotions” folder! Especially if you’re a Gmail user. Also, be sure the email address you registered with is the one you’re checking for emails from us.

Q: I can’t access the Braid ECourse in-session. Help!
A: First, be sure you’ve enrolled in the ECourse. This link is sent out in the first ECourse email the morning that the ECourse opens. Second, be sure you’re using the same email to enroll that you used to register. If you’ve taken a Braid ECourse with us before, use the same name and password you’ve already created. If you forgot your password go here to retreive it. Finally, if none of that works use the contact form or email direct for assistance.

Q: Do I need to be available at a certain time each day to take the Braid ECourse? How much time will it take to complete?
A: We give you 10 days to complete the Braid ECourse. All the content, videos, and worksheets are available to you at once to complete at your own pace. Some creatives take a whole day to work through the whole ECourse, while others spread it out over the week. We recommend setting aside at least 4 hours total to go through the content.

Q: Can I be a Braid ECourse affiliate?
A: We offer a 50% affiliate commission on referred ECourse sales, plus additional discounts and promotional tools to Braid ECourse alumn only. If you’ve taken a Braid ECourse and want to be an affiliate contact our ESales manager and she’ll get you set up.

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